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01 February 2015



Thank you for sharing your world with us.


You and David have been in my thoughts as well. Do not worry about blogging...your readers send you love and support and understand the challenges you have. Keeping you in thoughts and sending positive vibes your way. xx


Thank you, dear Tara, for nine years of so many thought-provoking, insightful and beautiful photos, stories, and friendship. Happy blogiversary! I have been thinking of you. I hope things have eased some...sending prayers and many ((hugs)). xox

Linda Sullivan

Love your blog and pictures, long time fanā¤
Thank you.


I've loved the beautiful photos you've posted over the years Tara. Thank you. Thinking of you and David at this hard time for you both. Blessings.


I remember your Paris apartment (glimpses of)and all the wonderful online conversations. Both you and David are in my thoughts, and wish him a quick recovery. xoxoxo


Congratulations, Tara, on 9 years. That is quite an achievement. How I treasure our meeting in Paris some years ago.
Praying David will feel better soon, sending hugs to your both.


Biggest, hugest hugs I can give to you and David as I send tons of love and healing wishes your way. (You know I worry...) And wonderful congratulations on your ninth year. That is an impressive achievement and I thank you for sharing the beautiful places you've lived in and visited, your thoughts on life, the world situation and copyright issues and most of all your glorious friendship (and lovely home!) over these many years.

Rick and I are holding David close in our hearts. And of course, you, too.

Mary H.

You are, Miss Tara, per always, a class act. I cannot find adequate words to express how your posts and photos have added to my life. Hold David close. Breathe. Repeat. I am sending as much good karma, mojo, juju, and prayers across the miles as I can muster. Hugs and love to you and David.

martha ann

hope things will turn around for David... sending lots of love and good thoughts your way... happy anniversary.... hang in there xooxoxoo

Paula Bowen

I am always pleased that you are posting after periods of silence as I miss your photographs and your thoughts on life. It would be sad to not know how you are doing if you just stopped without some kind of sign off. Your world adds something special to mine. It does seem awkward at times to feel like I am a friend of someone i have never physically met. But in the same way I have been writing letters to a pen pal in Sweden since 1975. My birthday was January 31 and I am now 68, and have been facing some of the issues you speak of. We are all in this together and it does help to hear other voices. Yes, strength in numbers, but we are all one. With love, Paula


oh my heart to your heart...fingers, toes and everything else crossed that David's health improves! smooches


Thinking of you. Sending love & healing vibes from California!


Happy 9 year blog Anniversary. I keep you and David in my prayers always. Blessings and much love to you both



Tara, I've been thinking about you and wishing for the best for David. You are both in my thoughts. Thank you for being a voice full of passion.

Vicki in Michigan

Nine years is a long time to do most things, I think. Especially nowadays, when everything seems to be about instant gratification....

Thank you for sharing your world with us.

I have been thinking about you both, and continue to send good vibes your way.

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