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29 March 2015


Ann Ipsen

Tara, I am so sorry for your loss. Only the strongest could withstand what you have, and with such astounding grace. I salute you, my friend, and wish you all the best as you start your journey into the future. It will be brilliant- that much I know. Love, Ann


My heart goes out to you dear Tara. All the very best for you journey ahead. xxx

Jacky Petrie

Just a line to let you know I am thinking of you.


Tara, you are a shining light, and you are a much trusted friend and reporter. I wish I could have been present more for you. So glad you are well loved and much thought of.

I am going to send my phone number by email and you may text, facetime, or all at any time.



Tara, I think of you often. You are an amazing, strong woman and I've no doubt that you will spread your wings and take flight--into a new chapter in your life. You will carry the memory of your beloved with you always. Wishing you all the very best as you navigate this new road. You have a world of friends, both those you've met in person and those who know you through your writing, who will support you as we can.

Blessings to you!

Maryellen Bess

My heart went out to you when I heard of the passing of your dearest love. This is a very hard grief to bear, but bear it we do and somehow we find we do live with it. It never leaves. But for me it settled into a small warm place in my heart that is always comforting. May it also for you.


The power of woman
Entering Sacred Space

Touching future,
Yet to come,
Bringing eternal grace."
from the Medicine Cards book, by Jamie Sams and David Carson

Dear Tara, the moment I saw your post with the beautiful swan photos, I felt compelled to get the book off the shelf to share that poem with you. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. May God bless you with healing, peace and joy as you find your way into the future. Sending much love and many hugs to you, my sweet friend~xo

Vicki in Michigan

What a gorgeous set of shots. I love the way you've taken advantage of the lighting.

That out-of-focus swan swimming away behind the crisp sharp twigs made me cry.

Sending hugs.


Oh Tara <3 I'm sorry that I didn't get a chance to send my love and condolences in your last post. (I'm in Thailand at the moment, but sometimes it feels like I could be on another planet.)

Sending lots and lots of love your way,



I am so sorry that I missed your previous post. Sending you much love. There really are no words...but know that you have many who care.


A heartbreak isn't loud.
It's as quiet as a feather falling
and the most painful thing there is,
nobody hears it but you..
When it hurts too much inside your heart,
it always has a way of showing,
no matter how many masks you wear..
Author of this unknown to me

May healing thoughts and prayers and God's blessings be with you always.


So happy to see you here. Somedays I can imagine it is like walking through mud, but somehow we survive and move forward. Take care that we are cheering you on and I just know you still
have special times ahead in a different way. Sending love!

Carole Mayne

I send you my love and prayers that in finding the joy in everyday, you will find your strength, too.
I truly can't imagine what you have been through, and wish you all the best,


my heart to your heart...smooches

Mary H.

Dearest Tara,

You have not been far from my heart. Your strengths will keep you moving forward while your friends have your back.


Mary H.


You have rarely been far from my thoughts, Tara. I know you can feel the love encircling you. One day at a time, they say. Indeed, it's the only way.

In that remarkable light your swan looks like a graceful angel. May you, too, find the lift of the angel wings to help you day by day.

Big hugs,


Bonjour tristesse sounds so much prettier than "Shove off, sadness!" which is how I phrased my blog post about moving through grief. But you were always more eloquent than me. Sending lots of love to you. Love the photos.


My love and prayers continue sweet frien
Love Jeanne

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