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09 May 2015


Deborah Smith

I have been absent in the blogging world for so long ... I am so sorry I am just now reading the news of David's death. Although we only met briefly I vividly remember his kind nature, humor and warmth.

Sending deepest sympathies and prayers.



Tara, here's a huge long big hug that I only wish I could give you in person. I cant begin to imagine the feelings, so I just send you so much love and hope that times mends your heart & soul. It will and does. And yet you will always hold your love dear. Soo much love, Vanessa


The depth of sadness has no words to relieve the feeling of loss you must feel at times. The ring and the inscription are beautiful. It will take time. Your friend was right about the greater the love, the greater the grief. Know that for now others are thinking of you and sending loving caring thoughts your way.


You have had what I have always wanted - true love.


So sad for you Tara. It must be really really hard. xxx


You were blessed for having David in your life. It is so rare to find someone that you can count on no matter what and be responsible and keep you safe. Oh your words touch me, for that is a great gift of love that he gave you, just you to treasure. I hold you in my heart and send warm, loving thoughts your way for the dark days. May love shine through and touch you with it's warmth. Sending hugs and love, Marilyn


Hugs to you. I missed this post and the one after. I think of you every day and I smile. You were loved-are loved-will be loved forever.

Be well.

Mary H.

I, for some unknown reason, missed several of your posts. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily. I have no wise words or advice to ease the changes that you must navigate. Honestly, I am not well versed enough to have any useful advice. Just know I am thinking of you and sending you many hugs.



I don't know how I missed this post, Tara. I guess only a day late, so not too missed. But I send you the biggest of hugs as you walk this journey of grief. David's ring is beautiful -- you know, I remember seeing it. I notice those things. But I had no idea there was such a magnificent and meaningful verse within.

Your words about David are so poignant and so full of love and grace. To find the love of your life, the soul mate -- all those descriptors are overused. Yet true. A partner indeed in the best of the word.

Times of significant occasions always seem to bring the blues. But as you were reminded, great love brings great grief -- and the love is what you hold onto forever.

Vicki in Michigan

I can't imagine a more perfect and beautiful sentiment for the inside of a wedding ring.

A reliable partner makes all the difference........

Thinking about you often, and sending good vibes.

Christine Tudor

I am so sorry for your loss. I have been a long time reader and want to thank you for being so open and courageous to share your loss.


What a beautiful ring to remember your love with--you will carry on with his love as your anchor. You continue to be in my thoughts, Tara. It's a time for grieving, but you will soon experience joy again.


My love and hugs and prayers and deepest sympathy for you continue each and every day. Please know you are never alone.
How blessed you were to have such a great love.



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