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02 August 2015



I haven't visited your blog in a while. I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am for the loss of you husband. Keep moving, step by step and know that he is always with you.

Margaret Dukeman

What a beautiful tribute to your amazing husband, your relationship and your beautiful drive and optimistic attitude. I wish you comfort as you find the peace you so deserve. Thanks so much for this wonderful moment in time through your writing. I find it both comforting and encouraging.


Hello Tara
Hopefully you will remember me. I am the Canadian that worked with David at the OECD in gosh way back in 2002 -2003. I remember many great meals in your home typically on the day I arrived in Paris. You introduced this Canadian to sweet potato pie. And then there was the time I arrived and David asked me if I liked Bruce Springsteen and there we were at the Springsteen concert in Paris. Today here in Canada I was at a tax event where I heard the news about David. I'm just so sad to hear of his death. I just needed to tell you how much I enjoyed working for hiim. He was so kind and made me feel like I was part of the team even though most of the time we were working with a 6 hour time difference. I have had many jobs over the years and have worked and collaborated with many people but the time working with David at the OECD was one of the best. Please take care and my sincere sympathies to you and your family

Nina Aziz

My dearest Tara, I long to see you but respect your need for space and time. I hope you will reach out when you are ready.
In the meantime, please know, I totally get you. I totally can understand how hard these times are for you. I dread to imagine how it must be like to lose the love of your life. David is there in spirit, watching over you. I believe, you will go though this slowly but you will get there. I send you all my love. I am happy to drive to you, anytime.
NIna xxxx


You've been in my thoughts, though I've been offline through much of the summer. I'm so sorry for your loss of your beloved and for all you are going through on top of grieving... Take things one day at a time and be gentle with you. Sending prayers and love to you, dear Tara. xox

Maryellen Bess

Oh, my dear, There are no words that I can say to you to help you in your grief. It is yours and you are coping. Each of us, who has had to go through this, walk with you. Silently, holding your hand, in complete understanding.


My heartfelt love is being sent to you...........Walk slowly through grief my precious one. The depth of your grief is the depth of your love. There will forever be a hole in your soul and I don't believe the words time heals all. It just gets a little tiny bit easier in small small baby steps.
Much love


So glad to see your post and learn that you are making progress on your journey back to light and happiness. I have thought of you and checked the blog for a message. Hoping this will be a day for the warmth of the sun, at least for a time. Marken


Tara.. Greetings from Alberta. I am happy to see you writing and honest about your journey... continued strength as you move forward... sending you hugs from across the pond. T.


No words can touch the grief you feel. Your post is poignant and real. I wish you comfort and that time will be kind and heal. This is a difficult time on so many levels. Sending good thoughts your way. Like others, I think of you often. Thank you for posting.

Mary H.


Your posts are so pure of heart. I knew what you were facing when you first learned David was ill. I could tell from your posts. The sucker punch you feel in your throat when many questions are answered is brutal. Remember to breathe and slowly put one foot in front of the other. They do not need to be big steps, just slow steps. If you feel up to reading an extra card or two, please send your address. My other laptop crashed and what they say about always backing up is true.........


You are often in my thoughts and prayers. Sending a hug.

Carole Mayne

Dear Tara,
Thank you for sharing your honest feelings and progress on your journey. I saw this today and thought you might like it too-- making a Memory Pillow out of your Beloved's favorite shirt:
You are an inspiration to me.

Vicki in Michigan

It takes a lot of fortitude, to keep putting one foot in front of the other in the face of catastrophe. Sending good thoughts.


I am, in spirit, holding your hand. I have known your grief first-hand. One day you will remember only the love and it will comfort you. Meanwhile, keep swimming because sinking is not an option.


You were loved and you loved. These are the greatest gifts anyone can have.

Charles Baker

What a remarkable woman you are. Candace and I deeply regret that our timetables made it impossible for you and David to join us in Paris a couple of years ago.

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